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Cathy Tran
A Designer's Perspective
The graphic design field can often be misinterpreted as an “easy” career to pursue from a non-designer standpoint, resulting in designers getting discredited for the work they put out. 
To address this misconception, A Designer’s Perspective aims to spread awareness about this issue by revealing what creatives (specifically, graphic designers) do for work, demonstrating the process, and how technical the field can be. 
Artist/Thesis Statement 

Figuring out what I wanted to do professionally while also being passionate about it was something I struggled to look for while transitioning from being an adolescent going into adulthood. I realized that I had always been creative and interested in technology, which resulted in my discovery of the Graphic Design field. Since that discovery, I started to view the world differently with a fresh perspective of what purpose design holds and how much of an impact it has made on society.
Not many people acknowledge how [graphic] design has impacted their lives. They only recognize the things in front of them and don't think too much about why it is designed a particular way or how they are influenced by them. As a result, graphic designers specifically, are often misconceived and overlooked professionally. Many think graphic designers do "easy" work and that anybody can do it when that is not the case. I mean, anybody can do design, but there are many factors to consider during the design process, such as: conceptualizing, researching, iterating, developing, and critiquing.
A Designer’s Perspective aims to spread awareness and reveal what creatives such as graphic designers do, show how the design process works, how technical the field can be, and essentially put the viewer into their creative lens. Not only will it showcase the career aspect of graphic design, but it will also introduce multiple designers’ perspectives on the field and how they got to this point in their careers.
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