Illustration — Art Direction — Social
Product Story — PUMA x DAPPER DAN continues the artist's tradition of reinventing streetwear. In the latest collab, Dan takes inspiration from the idea of a post-game afterparty, complete with '90s and '00s aesthetics, his signature Harlem branding and monograms. This version of our archive sneaker, the Clyde, features Dapper Dan bold touch.

Project Objective — For this project, I assisted in helping the American fashion designer, Dapper Dan, with a social post advertising the block party he is hosting in celebration of his Puma collaboration drop. The collection itself is all about Harlem, which is where the birth of hip-hop happened. 
For the design, I decided to take inspiration from the hip-hop scene by using graffiti elements and halftone textures for a vintage, old-school look. I collaged pieces of Dapper Dan's personal favorites from his campaign with a building/location symbolic of Harlem. I illustrated the graffiti marks myself with a Photoshop brush to mimic the strokes made from the spray cans and incorporated the typeface, Helvetica into the design as it is known for being a part of the New York City subway system. For the display font, I used Subway for an added graffiti mark look to support the visual concept of the post. 
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